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Huizhou Si Ruier environmental chemical industry limited company founded in 2003, locates Yong Hu towm HuiYang sectin HuiZhou city, near the S357of scenery beauty. The company covers an area of over 8000 square meters and possesses the modernized large-scale production equipments. Existing, there are more than 130 people with research and development, technology, management, production, sales and collection personnel, cover with doctor, master, bachelor, college and various mechanic. We are engaged in the development of water treatment medicament, etchant and disposal of dangerous waste treatment of industry.

Ferric Chloride [FeCl3]
Ferrous Chloride [FeCl2]
Sodium Hypochlorite [NaClO]
Special Waste Water Treatment Medicament
Polymerized Ferric Sulfate Chloride[PFSC]
Inorganic Polymer Flocculant
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mainly used for;1/sewage treatment;2/the dehydration of sludge;3/the e
R&D Center
National standards committee certificate
The Revisor of water treatment agent: ferric chloride(GB 4482-2006).
Industry benchmarking Professional leadership
The research and development center of comprehensive utilization of waste acid engineering
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